Wren’s Song

Wren’s Song was founded by Sarah Witbrod after she pursued an adoption in the DRC. She received the picture of a precious little girl that they would later name Wren. Everything changed when the Witbrod’s received the call that Wren had passed away. Sarah later learned that out of the 18 children in the orphanage, 12 of them had died from malaria. Wren’s Song is now a voice for the children in the Congo and living tribute to their precious 13 month old daughter Wren.

Wren’s Song has been working in the Congo, providing adoption, nutritional and educational assistance. Wren’s Song was created to bring hope to the orphans of the Congo.

Contact Information:

Founder: Sarah Witbrod

Phone: (307) 351-4233

E-mail: moc.gnos-snerwnull@haras

Website: http://www.wrens-song.com/

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